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President's Message

Robert A. Schick
President and CEO - Lyons Bancorp Inc., and LNB.
It’s all about strong values and sound business practices.


Dear Client,

Break out the noise makers and confetti - LNB is $500 million strong!  On September 13, 2010 we reported assets of $503.3 million, more recently at year end we are proud to report $513.6 million in assets.  That little hometown bank in an out-of-the way location called Lyons has come a long way in the last 15 years.  Let me assure you though, while we celebrate our successes, we will forever remain true to the principles of fiscal integrity and continue to strive to offer exceptional customer service; for it is these attributes that are the core of our successes.

More great news - our new Seneca County Office, located on the corner of Route 414 and Balsley Road,  opened on January 8th!  Please plan on stopping by and celebrating the new branch with Jill Hansen, Branch Manager and her staff.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence!

Robert A. Schick

President and CEO
Lyons Bancorp Inc. and The Lyons National Bank

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