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Statement Savings Account

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It's all about helping you reach your long-term financial goals.
LNB offers savings solutions tailored to your individual needs. Based on your objectives and time frame, we'll help you select the savings products that are right for you.

Take advantage of LNB’s generous annual percentage yield (APY) and watch your money grow—managing your savings has never been so easy!

  • Use your LNB Debit/ATM card for quick and convenient withdrawals, 24/7.
  • Only $10.00 to open your account!
  • Choose from paper or e-statements (to help keep your savings program on track).
  • Enjoy a low minimum balance of $100. 
  • By maintaining a $100 minimum daily balance, your monthly maintenance fee will be waived.
  • Up to 6 free electronic debits per month
  • Unlimited in-branch or ATM withdrawals
  • Interest accrues daily and is paid monthly

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