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  • Receive your statements safely and securely electronically.
  • Eliminate the risks of having paper statements intercepted from your mailbox.

ExpressLine Telephone Banking

  • Check your account balances and listen to your transaction history for all your
  • LNB accounts.
  • Monitor check activity.
  • Transfer funds between LNB accounts.
  • Make LNB loan payments.

             Call toll-free 1-888-946-2212

Online Banking

  • Check your account balances and view transaction history.
  • Monitor check activity.
  • Transfer funds between LNB accounts.
  • Make LNB loan payments.

Online Cash Management

  • Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) – We're introducing RDC to our corporate cash management customers, for analyzed accounts only (LNB Note). Check scanning technology allows you to deposit checks from the convenience of your own office.  Improve your cash flow, make deposits anytime, and reduce operational costs with LNB’s enhanced check scanning technology, RDC!
  • User Manager – Add users with specific account rights, functions and time restrictions.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit – Enter, maintain, and submit one or multiplepayroll entries quickly and easily online to eliminate writing payroll checks, and enjoy the flexibility of making changes as needed.
  • ACH Payments and Receipts – Send ACH credits to vendors and send bank to bank ACH transfers.
  • Wire Transfers – Wire money to other financial institutions.
  • Document Repository – Store documents to view whenever you need them.
  • Secure File Transfer – Send files to LNB using a secure transfer method.
  • Separate User Login IDs and Passwords – Provide a separation of duties and clear audit trail by providing each user with access that is specific to the function he or she is allowed to perform.
  • Secure Access 24/7 – Access Online Corporate Cash Management Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer with an Internet connection. And, because we use the most sophisticated encryption methods available, you can always count on safe, secure transmission of your most sensitive data.

Wire Transfers

Transfer funds to another account safely and securely.

Safe Deposit Box

Keep valuables secure with an LNB safe deposit box. Contact your local branch for more information.  

Important Security Information

Falcon and LNB may ask you to confirm the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, but we will never ask you to provide your full Social Security Number.  You will never be asked to give your card number, account number or PIN.  You will only be asked to verify specific transactions on your account.
*The contents of your safe deposit box may not be fully protected against loss under insurance coverage maintained by the Bank or safe deposit company.  For your protection you may wish to secure your own insurance through an insurance company of your choice.

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