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Your Mortgage and Consumer Loan Team

Providing direction
when you need it most
Our team of experienced loan specialists can help you
navigate through the lending process and show you
the best way to achieve your goal.


LNB's Mortgage and Consumer Loan Team will take care of your loan process from start to finish. You can also visit our Online Mortgage Center for any questions about the home buying process. 

Mortgage Originators:

Joe Arbogast, Geneva & Canandaigua: (315) 781-5004/ (585) 394-5026
NMLS# 144078

Tom David, Macedon, Newark & Wolcott: (315) 986-9681 
NMLS# 469082 

Valorie Heinzman, Seneca County: (315) 539-4100
NMLS# 1154002

Carl A. Nasello, Ontario: (585) 749-2335
NMLS# 1103881
Jill Peek, Penn Yan, Lyons, Clyde & Jordan: (315) 536-2300            
NMLS# 469081

Consumer Lender:

Robert MacDonell: (315) 665-0201

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