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We're Excited to Announce These Incredible Steals and Ongoing Deals!

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Bank with LNB and get $75 cash back!

Open any LNB checking account and receive up to $75 for adding the following items:
  • Bill Payer
  • Direct Deposit (2 deposits)
  • Debit Card (5 debit card transactions)

            Offer not valid on  Rewards Products

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Receive a 0.25% loan discount!

Apply for any LNB consumer loan and receive a 0.25% discount with an active LNB checking account.



Receive a 0.25% discount with automatic transfer payments

Apply for any LNB consumer loan and receive a 0.25% discount when you enroll this account into LNB's automatic transfer payment systems.



Enjoy no closing costs on your home equity line of credit or loan

LNB will pay closing costs on fixed rate and variable rate loans of $15,000 or more.

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Free checks

Open an LNB Regular Checking Account and receive your first order of checks free!


Safe Deposit Box

Free small safe deposit box for the first year!  (Discount only applies where boxes are available)

Open an LNB NOW Interest Checking account and we'll give you a free safe deposit box– for your first year! (Discount only applies where boxes are available.)


Personalize your checking account!

Personalize your checkbook and checks with cool gear and imagery to match your mood style or hobbies. Click here to browse!

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