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Board of Directors

Professionalism at its best!
Experience, trust, leadership... all qualities each of
our board of directors exemplify and
are proud to provide to our customers.

Board of Directors

Robert A. Schick

President & Chief Executive Officer
Lyons Bancorp, Inc. & LNB

David J. Breen, Jr.
General Manager
Market Place

Clair J. Britt, Jr.
Executive Vice President & Senior Commercial
Lending Officer LNB

Joseph A. Fragnoli
Owner Super Casuals 
Andy F. Fredericksen
CPA, Senior Partner
Fredericksen & Sirianni, LLP

Kaye Stone-Gansz
President & CEO Stone Goose Enterprises

Dale H. Hemminger
President & Manager Hemdale Farms and Greenhouses

James A. Homburger
Real Estate Broker
Thomas L. Kime
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer LNB

Case A. Marshall
CFO & Vice President Marshall Companies

Brad A. Person
President & GM Nuttall Golf Cars, Inc.
Nuttal Golf Car Leasing, LLC.

James E. Santelli
Retired Vice President & Co-Owner Santelli Lumber Co.
Carol A. Snook

Banking Officer & Corporate/Executive Secretary LNB

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