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President's Message to Investors

Robert A. Schick
President and CEO - Lyons Bancorp Inc., and LNB.
Welcome to Lyons Bancorp Inc.
A message from the President.


Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to our Lyons Bancorp Inc. web site. I hope you'll check the site often to stay updated on the progress of Lyons Bancorp and view information that is important to our shareholders.

I am especially excited to share with you this year’s annual and quarterly reports featuring selected shareholders, Advisory Board and Board members and acknowledging them for their involvement in the communities we serve. These individuals keep us focused on issues that improve the quality of life in our surrounding communities. I am honored to represent a Bank whose company members are truly committed to their various causes. This is just another example of what defines us as a “Main Street” bank and sets us aside from the “Wall Street” bank mentality.

In these economically challenged times, it is also important that you are aware that our earnings not only continue to remain strong, but the Bank continues to be a well-capitalized institution providing sensible products and services to each and every one of our valued customers.

Even though our “library” of shareholder communications includes the most recent reports, we will continue to communicate directly with our shareholders as well.

I also invite you to check our stock ticker that allows you to get real time quotes for our common stock, which is traded under the symbol “LYBC.OB.”

As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. You can e-mail me directly by clicking the “Contact Us” link. I hope to hear from you soon.


Robert A. Schick

President and CEO

Lyons Bancorp Inc. and The Lyons National Bank

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