Meet our Board of Directors

The team that leads our bank does so with the best interest of our communities and customers in mind. Each member has strong values and ethics, and they live and work in the region. Together, they make the decisions that help to better our customer's lives.

  • David J. Breen, Jr

    Owner, Herrema's Marketplace
  • Clair J. Britt, Jr.

    Executive Vice President & Senior Commercial Lending Officer
  • Joseph A. Fragnoli

    Owner, Super Casuals
  • Andrew F. Fredericksen, CPA

    CPA Consultant, Petrella Phillips LLC
  • Dale Hemminger

    President & Manager, Hemdale Farms and Greenhouses
  • James Homburger

    Real Estate Broker
  • Thomas L. Kime

  • Case A. Marshall

    CFO & Vice President, Marshall Companies
  • Brad A. Person

    President & GM Nuttall Golf Cars, Inc. Nuttal Golf Car Leasing, LLC
  • James E. Santelli

    Retired Vice President & Co-Owner Santelli Lumber Co.
  • Robert A. Schick

    Chief Executive Officer & Chairman
  • Carol Snook

    Banking Officer & Corporate/Executive Secretary LNB
  • Kaye Stone-Gansz

    President & CEO, Stone Goose Enterprises

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“LNB is a team of committed professionals, that are also our friends and neighbors.” John A.